Self calming

This is more of a stream-of-consciousness post after a particularly tough day. So forgive me if it’s unstructured. I realised that I have made quite a professional achievement. I have a student who, through my modelling and encouragement, has stated to me that he is “self calming”. Let me explain.

After many *wiggle two fingers in quotation marks* “stressful events”, I asked my student to observe the behaviours that he himself exhibits in the lead-up to said “stressful event”. We addressed it objectively when he was calm and discussed various strategies for physically and mentally de-escalating the event. He dismissed most of my suggestions, but the surprising thing is, he has actioned quite a few of them.

When I asked him today what he was up to, he said “I am calming myself”. I didn’t realise until my own mental debrief over a solitary Coopers Green that this is huge. Both of us needed some time out today so I practised a mini-meditation while my student calmed in his own way. We don’t have a perfect system, and both of us look fairly strange to the casual passer-by, but  finding calm and peace when everything seems to be ripping apart is a gift that I can now proudly give.

Image: Matt at Penrose finding his own peace. Shot by Mr. W.


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