About this journal

This is my professional journal. It’s anonymous for now. You won’t find anything identifying me or my workplace, but it might be a good place for you to read about being a teacher’s aide (called an SLSO in NSW). I work mainly in schools for special purposes. You might even want to compare your own situation by commenting.

I’m studying online to upgrade my skills and become a secondary English teacher. I choose to record my text studies journal here. My personal belief is that a postmodern, holistic and reflexive take on pretty much everything is the key to engaging students. I hope you see this view reflected in my posts.

And finally, I see a lot as an aide and it gives me ideas about what I can contribute and change when I finally graduate and become a teacher. I’ll post those ideas here as well.


One thought on “About this journal

  1. Mathew GREEN says:

    This blog is fantastic! Some really great ideas and thoughts, the ‘mindfulness’ post especially is great. I hope that your work as a SLSO is going well (one of the most important roles in a classroom). Would be happy to help in any way I can help with the skills upgrade.
    Keep writing.


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